Quality Policy / 品質方針


  1. Quality culture is an integral component of our work and behavior in all our activities. We aspire towards these characteristics in ourselves as well as in our partners.

  2. We focus on the needs of our markets and strive to be the leader in providing quality products and services that meet the expectations of our customers as well as interested parties.

  3. We establish a methodology to continuously improve and optimize our current processes throughout the entire organization to prevent systematic defects and reduce process cost and seek opportunities.

  4. We assign roles and responsibilities related to quality functions in each organization, respecting separation of powers. Regularly conducted management reviews ensure efficiency and effectiveness of the organization and of the processes.

  5. We assure compliance with local regulatory and institutional demands as well as product approvals and required application standards.

  6. We maintain an effective and integrated quality management system, supported by the Corporate Management System (CMS).
    我々はCorporate Management System (CMS) に準じた効率的、且つ、統合された品質管理システムを維持します。

  7. We have our organization certified according to the quality management system ISO 9001, the environmental management system ISO 14001.
    我々は、品質管理システムの国際規格であるISO 9001、及び、環境管理システムの国際規格であるISO 14001に認証された組織を維持します。

    番馬 健一