Safety & Sustainability Policy / 安全と持続可能性方針


  1. We take a long-term perspective on the development of our business, and act with respect and responsibility towards customers, stakeholders and employees. We operate with a strong focus on safety, quality, environment, fair treatment, social and environmental principles (people, planet, and performance). These binding principles are laid out in this and related Sika manuals.

  2. Sustainability is a key component of our drive for innovation. For both buildings and motor vehicles we aim to enhance durability and improve both energy and material efficiency. We consistently make every partners who trust in our products. Our initiatives and progress are organized along the Global Reporting Initiatives.
    持続可能性は、我々の革新に向けての活動のキーとなる部分です。建物と自動車の分野では、耐久性と、エネルギー及び材料効率の改善を目指します。我々は常に我々の製品を信頼してくれるあらゆるパートナーを創出していきます。我々のイニシアチブと進捗は”Global Reporting Initiatives”にまとめられます。

  3. Throughout, we put safety first. The well-being and health of our employees and partners is a prerequisite to our success. Creating safe work environments is always a top priority. In all countries and communities we are operating in we enhance social and economic progress, and actively support social projects.

  4. As a member of the UN Global Compact we are committed to global sustainable development, anti-corruption, social standards and labor relations. We do not compromise on integrity, and apply high ethical standards to our work. Sika’s “Code of Conduct” defines our standards and rules of behavior for our company and all our employees. With the “Supplier Code of Conduct” we pledge our supplier to similar standards.
    国連のGlobal Compactのメンバーとして、私たちは世界的な持続可能性の開発、不正・腐敗防止、社会の標準化、労働者の権利にコミットしています。高い倫理観を私たちの仕事に取り入れることに妥協はしません。シーカの”Code of Conduct”は私たちの標準となるルールをすべての従業員と会社に規定しています。”Supplier Code of Conduct”は同様の基準をパートナーと約束しています。

  5. The Sika Group has set targets, devised a management system for improvement and reducing impact, and conduct regular reviews. We intend to run all significant supply chain operations under ISO 9001, 14001.
    シーカグループは、目標を設定し、マネジメントシステムを使って改善と影響の低減の定期的なレビューを実施します。ISO 9001, ISO 14001の国際規格のもとで主要なサプライチェーン活動すべてを運営します。

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